Test Zone: USN Cyto Power HP

Reviewer: Timo Cooper

I hope I am not the only one who enjoys caffeine on race day and hard training days. USN’s Cyto Power HP offers all the benefits of a carbohydrate drink with the added benefit of caffeine for some extra power in the legs. USN has always gone over and above to bring us riders some amazing products to make our racing and training as easy as possible. Cyto Power is no different, it comes in two flavours: strawberry-lime and mango-orange. My favourite is the mango-orange, very easy drinking and with the added benefit of not using artificial colourants and flavourings in the formulation, your body can digest it with no issues at all. You will not be disappointed if you put a few scoops of Cyto Power HP in your last bottle during your next race, it will get you to the finish line with a great boost of energy and as a bonus it is very well priced. 250mg caffeine per serving.

RRP:  R199

Shock Rating: 4/5

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