WORDS: Shayne Dowling

LAKE aren’t shy about their mission: to produce the most comfortable, best fitting, highest quality shoe out there. So do they succeed? I took a pair of MX238’s for a test and this is what I found.

First off I want to get some of the negatives out of the way… No not of LAKE shoes but generally. There seems to be a lack of MTB shoe variety out there, a lack of knowledge about cycling shoes in general (and here I am talking specifically about MTB shoes) and most importantly how to get your shoes fitted properly! The variety of brands is of course not relevant in the single brand stores but this does not always eliminate the lack of knowledge. Rant over.

I have seen LAKE shoes around through the years. They were always mentioned when someone had broad feet but you very rarely saw them on the shelf. Well that seems to be changing with the folks from Pure Motion Sports making a concerted effort with the brand. I was fortunate enough to be put in touch with Kim Welsh who eats, sleeps and really does live the brand. Passion always makes for a good start no matter what the product. Kim sure knows her stuff and despite being in JHB had me standing in my socks on A4 paper measuring away. She was confident we would get the right size. The length and width down to the millimeter was expected: “don’t leave any extra room on your measurement, that’s my job!” she said confidently. The numbers were crunched and off I went to collect my MX238’s. Feet it seems are complicated appendages and so despite all the measurements it definitely took a try-on session to get the correct size.

Check out how to measure your feet properly:

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