The Munga launches with a million dollar prize purse

On Friday, 23 May 2014, the world of mountain biking and endurance racing was flipped on its head – when the world’s toughest, most demanding – yet most rewarding – mountain bike race was launched. The Munga – a 1 000km, single-stage race will elevate the sport of mountain biking by giving these sports enthusiasts a prize to be excited about – one that has never been offered before!

“The Munga offers more than just a race, it’s a test against the toughest of external elements and against the human body, but most importantly, it’s a game changer,” says Alex Harris, renowned explorer, athlete, founder of Xplore Authentic Experiences and Race Director of The Munga. “With The Munga’s prize money significantly more that of current event prizes, it is a massive leap for the sport and one that we hope will bring greater recognition to the sport and to the racer in all of us.”


In a first for the world, The Munga has introduced a two-person team, single stage mountain bike race that will take place from the 3rd of December 2014. The intense, 1 000km route for The Munga’s inaugural race will start in Bloemfontein, leading riders through vast distances across the Karoo, and conclude at the finish line at the Waterford Wine Estate, in the heart of Stellenbosch. The route has been designed to combine endurance, experience and strategy to satisfy those riding enthusiasts looking for a compelling story. It is set to take riders through some of South Africa’s lesser travelled paths – a trail that showcases South Africa’s remoteness – while testing the strongest of wills.

“The world is not short of tough things to do. It’s short of tough people willing to tackle tough things. And this is set to be one of the toughest races on earth. Do you have what it takes to compete in The Munga and win your share of a million dollars?” concludes Harris.

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