The Test Zone: October


RRP R799


We’ve all been yelled at during a ride or race. The familiar ‘PASSING RIGHT’ echoes during most events I’ve entered and while I have no problem moving out of the way, sometimes it is difficult to hear fellow cyclists. This is where a decent and loud bike bell comes in. Don’t get me wrong I would much rather pass a rider in silence but the nice thing about a bell is that is does not get everyone hot and bothered when you hear a person screaming to move. Cycling bells are pretty standard but the sound quality they emit and their look and feel varies. I’ve had the opportunity to test the Spurcycle Cycling Bell. Firstly, this beautifully designed bell is handmade in the USA and each part is precision machined to create a powerful ring that lasts up to three times longer than other cycling bells. The peal is so clear and pure – looking around to make sure I was alone I found myself ringing it just for the hell of (sound of) it. They are available in a raw or a black stainless steel as well as brass finish. The bell fits snugly around my aluminium handlebar and with its adaptable mounting system it attaches easily to any type of handlebar. I’ve received some compliments about the way it looks and part of the treat is that the bell is very compact which helps to keep your cockpit uncluttered.


RRP R1 399


As cyclists, we know that the amount of stuff to remember when packing for a race is quite extensive. When the weather is acting up one should always pack arm warmers, a jacket and a long sleeve shirt. Having the correct cycling bag will not only make you sort your stuff easier but it will also save you valuable time before an event. The BLS VeloRacing bag is exactly that, a bag built for cyclists. When the small black ‘box’ arrived at our offices I was not sure what to expect but that all changed after I used it properly for a race. The usual rush occurred the night before as I packed for the event. With a 56L capacity and dedicated compartments, you know when you’ve left something behind. When the bag is zipped open at the top you have a place to put your shoes, water bottles and clothing. Here I managed to squeeze two shirts, one bib, arm warmers, two bottles and a rain jacket in. At the front of the bag you will find space to fit your helmet and a convenient removable box. With my helmet turned upside down I added some more stuff into it and used the separate box for my tools, food and tablets. The designers of the bag went a step further to include two water resistant bags which worked a charm when I needed to get my wet socks and shirt off after the race. The BLS VeloRacing bag is sturdy and small enough to fit easily inside my car’s small boot. Since the event I’ve managed to make use of the bag for all my training rides too and I can confidently say it made my life a little easier.


RRP R2 200


So, I must admit that I have a jug style blender that we have had since our kids were babies and it’s always seemed adequate. So how much better can these appliances really be? I sceptically set up everything and first off the blender (the part that houses the motor) is compact and definitely smaller and small bonus: my machine came with a SA three prong plug, such a small thing but damn, it put a smile on my face. The next thing I noticed was that the blade is a separate unit from the motor which makes for easy cleaning (it’s not part of the ingredient jug) and then the cups – which are also the blending containers – come with awesome sealable lids, so blend, grab and go! Initially I thought that the instructions were put in the wrong order but then you quickly realise (ok so I’m not the brightest when it comes to these kitchen things) it makes perfect sense as they are the order of loading goodies into the cup prior to inverting for blending on the machine. The motor isn’t exactly quiet but I can tell you it’s really powerful, and I tested the baby 1 000W Ninja – it’s big brother is a mean 2 000W and I would suggest is probably for use in a busy environment. The little Ninja worked a treat for me. I loved that you just hit the button and its Auto-IQ system kinda takes over and within a minute you have a stunning smoothie or slushy! Healthy yes, but also really cool for crushed ice fun in summer! The real win for me is that you don’t have to put your drink into another glass – the mixer jug is the glass. You get a 500ml and 650ml glass standard with two sealable sip lids. Blend like a ninja, smack the lid on and attack!


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