Three in a row the goal at dusi2c for Hill

Pietermaritzburg – With two BSi Steel dusi2c winner’s medals in his collection already, local mountain biking icon Andrew Hill is currently in the market for a new partner as he turns his attention towards defending his title at the two-day race from Camps Drift in Pietermaritzburg to Blue Lagoon in Durban from 20-21 June.

Hill won the inaugural dusi2c with Tyron Bird and duplicated that feat in 2014 with Adriaan Louw but the Upper Highway resident is not yet sure of where he is going to find his partner for the 2015 edition of the increasingly popular ‘Farmer’ Glen Haw race however even though he is still partner-less, Hill has confirmed he will definitely be back again in 2015.

“I’m really keen for this year’s dusi2c!” the TIB Insurance star said excitedly. “I love that race and it’s right on my doorstep so I’ll definitely be there again this year.”

“At this stage I’m busy trying to find a partner though; Tyronne White and Matt Beers would have been my options but both are now injured so I’m busy considering things a bit and seeing what options I have.

“I definitely don’t want to become known as a partnership breaker though!” he added with a anxious chuckle.

Hill is no stranger to the Farmer Glen model of races having just taken part in yet another year’s Old Mutual joBerg2c and Nedbank sani2c.

These together with two dusi2c’s under his belt give Hill a good idea of what to expect from Haw’s events as far as course layout go even though the dusi2c has a unique feel to it when compared to Haw’s two older creations.

“dusi2c definitely still has a distinct ‘Farmer Glen’ feel to it however it also differs from joBerg2c and sani2c slightly in that it has a slightly different vibe to it.

“dusi2c was the first race to be done by GPS navigation and its unique setting also plays quite a big role in the race’s overall feel.

“It is a very fast paced, short race so you really don’t need to be a marathon or stage racing expert to do well there,” he added warily.

Hill also believes the accessibility of the dusi2c makes the event the perfect starter stage race for mountain biking enthusiasts.

“The dusi2c gives people who are unable to put in the hours needed to train for one of the longer races to take part in a stage race,” he explained.

“It’s also over a weekend so you don’t have to take leave to compete and while there are also great shuttles for those from up country, it’s a local race and so most don’t have to travel very far to participate.”

The dusi2c also incorporates the entire Valley of a Thousand Hills communities through which it’s route goes through and Hill appreciates the impact the race has on the region.

“The dusi2c is far more than just a race; it exposes participants to what the valley has to offer both from a trails point of view and in terms of safety.

“Mountain biking has become synonymous with the area and the sport’s presence in the valley can only benefit the local communities in the long term.

“The locals know this and so do all that they can to contribute to the success of events that go through the area and to protect mountain biking in the region in general.

“The dusi2c also provides the perfect link between the Inanda Adventure Centre and the Durban Green Corridor and so it showcases what the area has to offer mountain bikers perfectly,” he added encouragingly.

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