To the altitude masters…

From one of the oldest towns in South Africa, comes one of its newest creations, Aerosphere®. An exciting new extreme sports brand born from the avenues of aviation. This fledgling company is gaining a lot of attention overseas, with fans from Manchester to Barcelona, California to Texas and as far south as Australia and New Zealand.

Take a look at Aerosphere’s Pinterest board called the “Family Tree’ and you’ll see just how wide the brands wingspan is. A multitude of extreme sport images blast off the screen, and yet they are all linked by a common thread. Owner and brand founder, Jason Grey, best describes this transparent bond in what he calls “liquid altitude flowing through our veins”.


“As a professional aviator, I started to recognise I was meeting pilots from across the globe, most of whom had never flown an aircraft. That sounds like a contradiction, until you define what it is to be an aviator. It’s an individual who has spent countless hours honing the skills necessary to manipulate a vehicle that travels through the air. Spend time at your local skate park, dune, trail, beach, etc. the locations go on and on, but you can rest assured, air shows are not limited to airfields anymore. These individuals are truly hybrid aviators.” – Jason Grey

To find out more about Aerosphere, checkout their Instagram profile @aerosphere_clothing or go see their awesome new concept store in Devon Valley, 7 Santhagen Rd, opposite the Woodmill Market in Stellenbosch. They’re also available at Surf Centre in Canal walk, or online at

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