As part of the exclusive licensing agreement to present Cytech™ Technical training in South Africa, Torq Zone Academy is required to undergo an annual Quality & Compliance Assessment by the Association of Cycle Traders (ACT) based in the UK. The Assessment includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that the facility, the training and the trainer achieve the high standards of the Cytech™ Technical Training Organisation.

During April such an Assessment was conducted by Pete Cowling, Director of the ACT. Cowling visited the Academy at Doringkloof Mall, from the UK for four days, and was able to witness the presentation of part of a Cytech™ Technical 2 course.

The ACT has recently formally confirmed that the Academy had passed its first Compliance and Quality Assessment. Cowling, in his report, had the following to say:

“I am confident that Graeme is very capable of delivering the courses to the required standard and that he will only pass delegates worthy of the qualification.”

“It was evident the delegates present, had previously successfully completed Cytech 1 Practical & Theory, and that they were comfortable with Graeme’s pace and detail of delivery of the course”

“Having that assurance that we are presenting the training to the required international level means a lot to the bicycle repair and maintenance industry in South Africa” said Graeme Stickells, MD Torq Zone Academy.

“The endorsement of the standard of training at the Academy means that the consumer has peace of mind when a Cytech™ Technical certified mechanic has worked on his bicycles. The local cycle shop also knows the level of competency that can be expected from this mechanic, as well as the mechanics themselves receiving recognition for their skills through an internationally recognised provider.”

“We’ve seen unprecedented demand since we started presenting our first courses in November last year. The Cytech™ training scheme is set to become the recognised standard and more importantly, demanded by the cycling fraternity in South Africa much sooner than what we initially anticipated.” Stickells added.

Winter, when the cycle shops are not so busy, is an ideal time to attend the Cytech Technical courses, or for already experienced mechanics to conduct their Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessments. For more information on course content and dates, or on RPL assessment dates, go to

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