Trail riding in style

Winter is the perfect time to get out there and ride trails. It’s too cold for long boring rides and if you have a bit of local forest single track to bomb it’s all the more fun in the wet. But now if you’re going to ride trails you can’t be seen in Lycra… and then there’s the fact that trail gear does offer more protection for your delicate skin when you crash. So we’ve put together an outfit of the most desirable trail riding kit currently out there.


POC Trabec Race

Starting at the top, if you’re less mainstream than the Bell Super take a look at POC’s all mountain helmet the Trabec Race. I’m guessing the race refers to Enduro… POC has only been available in SA since March so you’re still guaranteed some exclusivity if you rock up at the trial head with a POC lid. It’s designed to offer more temple and back of the head protection than a standard helmet, features Aramid fiber grid for protection and durability and 16 air flow ports. The Tarbec weighs in at 340g and comes in white and orange, orange and white (that’s not a mistake the dominant colour is listed first) or black and white. Find out more at

Specialized Enduro Jersey

 Enduro Comp Jersey

Looking the part on the trail is always going to come down in a large part to baggies and your jersey (okay, pushing your bike downhill will remove any trail-cred your get-up might have helped foster). And dressing in bold colours or in a jersey with bold designs might just make you ride like the teenager you look like too. Or you can choose one of the more subtle jersey designs in the Specialized Enduro range. The Comp jersey features VaporRize™ moisture transfer knit fabrics, UV 30 rated sun protection and one zippered side pocket, complete with a sunglass wipe fabric patch (pretty cool). Obviously it’s designed for a relaxed fit, because you need to hear the wind whipping at your sides as you blast down the trail, not to cut through it like an aerodynamic roadie. Go to for sizing information.


Camelbak Blowfish

We did a whole hydration pack review in the gear section of the November issue of Full Sus, but if you can’t revisit it now then take a look at the Camelbak Blowfish. If you’re riding trails you’ll need somewhere to put the endless supply of bar-ones and you can also mix yourself two litres of chocolate milk to take along on your ride. Craft beer and hydration packs don’t mix well, dropping through a rock garden tends to put a bit of a fizz in your beer. Jokes aside the Blowfish is a great hydration pack for longer rides because it features an expansion panel which allows your overall cargo volume to expand over 40%. It also has a two litre bladder and a fleece lined media pocket which protects your Smartphone, iPod or camera. Check it out at

Specialized Enduro Short

 Enduro Pro Shorts

Shorts are what save you in a skidding fall. If you’ve even had a low speed touch against gravel in normal bibshorts you’ll know that they don’t do much to protect your legs. The more rugged construction of the Specialized Enduro Pro Shorts offer protection on their own, but the fact that the outer layer can move smoothly over the inner layer reduces friction in the event of a fall, helping reduce the grazing of your skin. From a technical perspective they feature VaporRize™ moisture transfer stretch woven fabrics, three zippered pockets and two zippered vents, a removable liner short with Body Geometry Mountain Chamois and Deflect UV 50+ treatment. There are also a bunch of rider reviews on the Specialized website so don’t just believe our word for it, go have a look at

Falke BC 3 Socks

 Falke BC3 Cross Country

A good pair of socks is an essential to the comfort of any outfit and shock gurus Falke are among the best in the business. The BC3 socks are designed especially for mountain biking with the knowledge that you might well have to push or carry your bike at some point, which makes a significant difference as the pedalling and walking actions lead to friction at different points between your feet and your shoes. They also have a thicker weave above the shoe to protect your ankle that little bit more and are made from high-tech Smartcel fibres to keep your feet kept at the ideal temperature, even if the temperature fluctuates. Read about all the Falke sock offerings at

shimano Shoe m088

Shimano M088

Shimano don’t exactly do sexy names for their products, but they do focus on the more important aspects like producing quality products and their oddly named M088 (or to give them their full name: M-Series/Sport SH-M088) are excellent. They’re billed as value for money shoes with a glassfiber reinforced polyamide midsole plate, a tough stretch-resistant synthetic leather upper and a durable rubber tread for when you’re faced with those hills you just can’t ride up. The M088 is a shoe for the mountain, they’ll happily take a beating on the trail and keep on going. Yes they’re not the lightest but when durability, comfort and the added foot protection of a more rugged shoe are on your wish list then the M088 should be a model to consider. Find out more at

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