Uitkyk Enduro to showcase new stages on the Simonsberg

In November 2015, the Simonsberg Enduro was a highlight for the Enduro riders at the end of a season.   On the 15th of May, they can enjoy new sections of this mountain on four special stages.  The start and finish will be from Uitkyk Wine Estate near Stellenbosch, with its magnificent wines and historic buildings.

The first 2016 Enduro event  held on Delvera and drew more than 130 riders, including many more junior riders, as well as ladies are participating and the categories are increasing!

The Enduro events are geared for real mountain bikers that enjoy singletrack and are fit enough to ride uphills, but more importantly like riding downhills fast!  Riders are only timed on downhill stages, ranging form 2 to 6 minutes each.  Because riders are hitting the routes ‘blind’ the routes are not overly technical, but when done at speed can get a handful very quickly…  There are an average of four special stages on the day, and riders traverse to the start of the next stage in ‘neutral’ or ‘liaison’ sections. This creates a social atmosphere and gatherings at the refreshment station, as no-one is in a hurry.

Dirtopia Enduro

Although there are prizes for the top males & females and medals for all, the event is about a day of pure mountain bike riding. Although the racing is fairly short, the liasions are tough climbs and the sprint efforts during stages intense. The total distances is normally between 20-25km and it takes roughly 3 hours to complete the day’s stages. After the event, riders can relax on the beautiful lawn and enjoy the views with food, drinks and of course wine!

Only pre-entries are taken, so visit www.dirtopia.co.za to enter online. Timing is done with Amarider Trail Tags and times are immediately live on raceday.

Fees start at R300 per rider and you can call the Trail Centre at (021) 884 4752 for any queries or mail info@dirtopia.co.za. The other three Enduro events planned for 2016 are scheduled at various venues from Wellington to Helderberg. Dirtopia has organised twelve Enduro events since 2012.

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