We Train Technicians, Not Mechanics

A commonly accepted definition for a mechanic is “a person whose job is repairing machines…”, whereas a just as commonly accepted definition for a technician is “a person whose job is keeping a particular type of equipment or machinery in good condition”.

A mechanic can therefore be seen as a labourer who can fix things, but a technician generally has a more detailed, technical knowledge of how things work, but who can also work as mechanics.

At Torq Zone Academy our approach to training, through the Cytech technical scheme, is to ensure that each learner has an in-depth, technical understanding of how bicycles work and, using the latest available tools and technology, diagnose problems and offer solutions.

The non-tangible benefits of this approach, with the awarding of the internationally recognised Cytech certification, are the:

  • implementation of international leading practice here in South Africa
  • raising of esteem of practicing technicians
  • promoting understanding of, and trust in, the profession
  • encouraging social responsibility and accountability in the profession
  • promoting pride in association.

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