What an Epic month!

12 issues ago we started Full Sus. A little newspaper that had (has) big aspirations and was given very little chance at survival, but like the blokes that sleep in tents and are doing the Epic, we have gutsed it out. Realistically we are probably only on day two of the world’s most gruelling MTB stage race, but hey we like a challenge!

Seamus and the crew have once again put together a really exciting issue with our lead feature looking behind the scenes at two of the fancied teams in this year’s Epic. We are excited to have two of SA’s top riders writing for Full Sus – Erik Kleinhans gives us his review on the recent Ride the Rock, in Afrikaans, in the first of his monthly columns, and Renay Goustra responds to XCO piece in last month’s issue. Thanks guys! I’m sure our Afrikaans readers in particular, will love Erik’s monthly column.

March is a busy month in mountain biking, and cycling in general… it would be amiss of me to not mention the Argus. We all know the race and it’s certainly the one time that even the most hardcore MTBer is quite happy to put slicks on the bike and line up with the hordes. Either to race or just to chill and enjoy the vibe while meandering around the Peninsula. I hope to be watching both sides of the ride from Noordhoek Peak – any takers?

Check out our Must do Events on the Calendar page, there really is something cool for everyone this month, with great events right around the country. Of course the one we all will be watching is the Absa Cape Epic – the Tour de France of mountain biking and the one ride that all the pros want to win. The Bulls team is certainly looking like they mean business but then so do Christoph Sauser and his new partner, František Raboň, for Songo Specialized. The local hopes will sit firmly on the shoulders of Erik Kleinhans and Nico Bell riding in Specialized colours, deputising for Sauser and Raboaň, well as Team Cannondale Blend’s riders Darren Lill and Charles Key. But the race I would like to hear more about and see more credit given to, is the race amongst the tent dwellers. To me this is the real race, and we’ll publish the results of the first three teams in all the categories that slept in tents in the next issue!

Our website is looking great, go and check it out, besides our content now available online you can also check out our MTB Calendar and also add your second hand gear to our Classifieds. We have also launched our awesome Full Sus cycling gear – check out page 29. We chose to go with Craft because of their quality and stylish looking gear. Get your orders in fast!

See you on the trails!

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