"Where were you when you last felt alive?”

Garmin Southern Africa, recently launched their new brand campaign titled WHERE WERE YOU WHEN YOU LAST FELT ALIVE? Garmin partnered with King James II for this campaign which is currently being promoted across the digital and TV platform. The TV component comprises of two TVC’s which were shot and filmed using Garmin’s very own Virb Elite action camera! The crew shot on location at two ironically beautiful settings, the Blyde River Canyon and on the Zambezi River.

Garmin position themselves as a lifestyle brand offering GPS technology solutions across the fitness, outdoor, marine, automotive and now the action camera market. “We are very excited to be showcasing the capabilities of the Virb Elite, how it records your heart rate, distance, speed, altitude route and more, allowing people to relive their memorable moments!” Says Jenna Chisnall, Marcomms Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa.

“We are all born with a desire.  A desire to explore, to discover and to have our breath taken away by events bigger than ourselves – to acquire a mass of adventures, to live a life less ordinary. But mere experience was never quite enough for us, was it?

We’ve always needed to archive them, celebrate them and remember them. Because, as humans, we measure life in moments. And we have since the beginning of time.

We painted them on walls. It wasn’t enough, so we started telling stories and handing them down from generation to generation. And when that wasn’t enough, we started writing them down and distributing them. When that fell short, we invented the phone. And when that lost its shine, we ushered in the camera. It burnt negatives to film. Then moving pictures. Then it went digital. We held it in our hands. Put it on our shoulders. And then, we attached it to our heads. And when it wasn’t enough that the camera just recorded video – we modified it to record our GPS location, heart rate, altitude, route, distance, speed and direction. We taught it how to feel and now, the Garmin Virb Elite is going to change everything.

Instead of recording, it helps us relive. Instead of footage, it shows us the human experience. Beyond picturesque landscapes, it displays an emotional journey. It has reawakened our sense of discovery. Which is to see or feel or experience something for the first time. Because when we discover, we realize we aren’t just existing – we’re really living.

Fishing on the Zambezi, proposing to the one. It’s these sorts of moments we never forget, that we cherish. It’s these sorts of moments we can’t wait another minute before sharing with the world. That’s living.

And it’s got one question for you: Where were you when you last felt alive?”

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