Why Ride the Ride2Nowhere in 2019?

Well done! You’ve entered the Ride2Nowhere (if you haven’t yet, there’s still time – do it!). And if you’ve been in McGregor for this unique event before, you know what makes this such an amazing weekend every year. A special race in a special place. But for those who are coming to the Ride2Nowhere for the first time (and as a reminder for those who have), here are five reasons why you need to be at the Ride2Nowhere 2019.

Exclusive trails

Through unique relationships with the local farming community, this is the only time you can ride these trails. That’s right! For one weekend only, everyone in McGregor joins in, and the farmers throw open the gates to allow us to ride our bikes in this amazing area. Over 80% of the routes is not open to the public. The opportunity to ride these amazing trails is a privilege indeed.

Limited entries

Less is more. And when you’re riding through some of the most scenic nature on offer in the Western Cape, you don’t want to be queuing! We’ve ensured that it won’t happen. The Ride2Nowhere purposefully limit entries to keep the ride open, avoiding crowding, and allowing each and every rider to have a truly personal experience. For us, it’s quality over quantity. And when you’re out there, just you and the bike, you’ll understand why.

Relaxed vibe and festive atmosphere

This is an official race. We have all the usual bits, official timing, podium spots, excellent routes that are clearly marked, marshals that show you the way, legendary waterpoints and full race village set up. But the Ride2Nowhere is focused on creating an atmosphere that is inclusive of all riders, at every level. So there’s no cut-off times, we wait until the last rider gets in. There’s no pressure, you can enjoy riding or racing with friends, or just with your yourself. Each day, the local community helps us to create an awesome vibe that is typical of this unique town. And the routes are designed to find that perfect balance – a hard day on the bike, but still able to enjoy the feeling afterwards. And you will.

Hassle free event experience

Through our additional services, we’ve got everything you need in one spot. Great food options, good coffee, even better local wine. Free bike wash daily, good mechanics, childcare services, kid’s entertainment, bike transfer services for upcountry riders and recovery massage services. We see these additional services as essential to having a hassle-free experience and allow us to focus on the main thing – mountain biking.

Discover McGregor

This is why we do it. The reason why we get the bike rack on the car every weekend, why we clean the mud of our chains, why we fix derailers, why we ignore the weather forecast… To explore. To experience. To enjoy. McGregor is a fantastic secret that few people have discovered, and this typical small-town has a big personality! Every Ride2Nowhere rider is immediately made welcome by the local community, and the vibe makes you wish the weekend lasts a bit longer. It is an important part of what makes the Ride2Nowhere so special – the place. Come and discover this incredible little town, in one of the Western Cape’s most beautiful areas.


The event takes place annually on the 2nd weekend of September, from 6 – 8 Sept.in 2019.

Entries close on Sunday, 4 August. Don’t delay get that entry in today!


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