Got a serious case of “Rider Mortis” this winter? It’s time to get back on the trails. Longer, brighter and, hopefully, warmer days are in sight. Here are four tips from the Hollard Jozi Urban MTB Adventure to get those legs spinning for spring.

1. Stay away from Strava

For now. You have been off the bike for a while, and that first ride out is going to be a shock to the system. That trail that you used to blast around is probably going to end up being more PR than KOM so go easy on those expectations! Before your very first long ride, you set up several shorter ones, get those legs back into the groove and grind your way up from there.

2. Wipe away the Cog-Webs

Your trusty stead has gotten a bit dusty sitting there all winter long, don’t forget to get that bike ready for trail duty before treading out. Book in a pre-season service, get that sealant replaced or topped up, break out some new brake pads and basically just make sure everything is lubed up and in working order.

3. Watch Your Ass

Converting from the couch to the saddle after winter is an adjustment. There’s nothing more painful than that first long ride out. Prep that behind or get left behind, a good chamois cream, some extra padding and good old fashioned time in the saddle will get you over the rump hump in no time.

4. Challenge Accepted!  

All lubed up and nowhere to go? You’re ready to get training and your bike is serviced and sexy! The only thing missing is something to point those handlebars towards. Start the race season off with a bang and enter the Hollard Jozi Urban MTB Adventure on the 6th September 2015. Enjoying 22km or 54km of the best urban terrain Joburg has to offer!

Taking into account all of the feedback received in respect of the 2014 event, the Hollard JUMA has implemented some major changes for 2015:

  • Separate 22km and 54km routes
  • Reversed routes (less bottle necks)
  • Fewer road closures on both routes
  • 120m floating bridge will be narrower (so bring those swimming caps)
  • The 700m Anatomic tunnel will be lit up, just a tiny bit more!
  • Improved seeding and entry process
  • 50 more marshals on call along the Spruit
  • Exciting Adventure Day Village (entertainment for all)
  • Medals for all finishers

Entries are open, to enter visit Entry fees are R399 for the 54km and R299 for the 22km.

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